FLS Technology

Up-to-date, integrated technology

In this day and age, many companies struggle to keep up with technology. How do you stay up-to-date and more importantly, how do you integrate new technology so that it becomes truly useful?

At FLS, we are constantly implementing new tools and trends to improve our business and enhance the full customer experience. By using industry-leading transportation software that can be customized to meet individual customer needs, we benefit from following best practices and adapting to all customer requirements.

FLS Transportation Services understands that moving your freight is only a part of the process. We invest heavily into EDI/B2B and reporting tools so that we can help our customers manage their freight better! EDI and other custom data exchange allows information to flow in both directions more efficiently and accurately. It opens the door to better visibility and advanced reporting, both of which can be found on our online portal. Our flexible integration software enables us to find a solution for any customer regardless of size.

MyFLS.com allows customers easy access to trace any shipment at any time throughout the day.

FLS currently trades the following EDI transactions with numerous customers:

204 – Tender
214 – Shipment Status
820 – Payment
990 – Response to Tender

Communications can be done through a VAN, FTP communication or AS2.

Regardless of your need, FLS has the tools necessary to make it work. We are always striving to improve and believe that the best way to keep up with technology is to never fall behind.