Attitude, Optimism, and Resilience

Every month our CEO, John Leach, shares a note with the FLS team about what he sees and hears in the market. This month’s message was too good to not share with our customers, carriers, and friends.  

What I’ve Seen and Heard – from the desk of John Leach

About six years ago, when I lived in Charlotte, N.C, I remember walking to my car as I was heading off to work. I opened the garage door and saw a deer caught in my fenced backyard, unable to move. Deer in general are not intimidating, but when caught in a fence they are upset and don’t understand someone attempting to help them.

I got a little “shiner” that day but freed the deer and it ran un-injured, into the woods.

Like the deer in my fence, a lot of us may be feeling or have felt stuck during the pandemic. Stuck, and unsure of which way to turn to get back on a path to normalcy.

During times of uncertainty, the one thing we can control is our attitude.

Our attitude determines how we react to things that happen to us both good and bad. We can lament the pre-pandemic days and feel wronged by all that has occurred, or we can decide to look on the brighter side toward a renewed beginning; as vaccines happen and the fog starts to lift.

While this may sound simplistic, it is true. 

Attitudes change when we live life more meaningfully. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself where you find the most meaning in life?

If so, you may have realized, as I did, the things most annoying to me were the most meaningful – my family, my co-workers, my dog 😊.  It really allowed me to reassess what’s important and look at the future more optimistically.

Undoubtedly, we are in unprecedented times.

No one knows when we will get back to “normal,” but as we have time to reflect, we may realize that we have learned new skills to handle adversity.

We’ve become resilient, adaptable, and we can handle situations we couldn’t have imagined a year ago. We’ve learned we can change our outlook for the better.

Cheers to a brighter outlook and a joyous holiday season!