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16 Planning Questions Every Shipper Needs to Ask Before Releasing an RFP

Awarding Lanes, Reducing Costs & Finding the Best Carriers All Starts With a World-Class RFP Let’s face it… conducting an RFP is your ticket to shipping success. It’s much more than an opportunity to secure the cheapest lanes. It’s an opportunity to find and select the right freight partners that will make your business run […]

The 9 Crucial Dates Needed for Every Shipping RFP

Award lanes. Reduce Costs. And Find the Best Partners & Carriers  Let’s face it… no one really likes RFPs… It takes tremendous effort to plan, execute and respond to carrier bids.  At the same time, they’re 100% necessary.  Because the truth is… finding and selecting the right freight partners will make your business run a […]

The Big Book of Shipper’s Links

The 115 websites, apps & online resources every shipper needs to bookmark We’re all looking for that short-cut. The smarter… faster… and easier way to do something. I mean, it’s 2020 for goodness sakes… Isn’t there an app for that?… or a website?… or an online tool? Turns out in the freight business, there is. […]

The 7 Things That Will Completely Disrupt the Freight Market in 2020

Buckle up. 2020 will look nothing like 2019 for shippers. A Year of Bliss Let’s face it, 2019 was the year of the shipper… No one was talking about the capacity crunch. As a result of strong carrier performance over the last two years, new truck orders were up 76% and this flooded the market […]

The Complete KPI Worksheet for Shippers

A manual for benchmarking carriers & measuring success Let’s start with a definition…  Key Performance Indicators = KPIs  KPIs are measurable values that demonstrate how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives.  As a shipper, you know every load, every minute, and every dollar counts.  And your carriers and transportation partners should be constantly […]

The Master List of Accessorials for Shippers

Your guide to avoiding unnecessary freight costs & strengthening carrier relationships Detention… Lumpers… TONU… It’s the stuff we don’t really want to talk about, but it’s important that we do. Accessorial charges are a part of the business.  Not every freight shipment is the same… some loads require special handling… and, well, things happen on […]

FLS Transportation Recognized Again As A Leading Logistics Solution

Inbound Logistics Includes FLS Transportation on Annual List of Top 100 3PLs Inbound Logistics once more named FLS Transportation as a leading freight and logistics solution by including the company on its annual list of Top 100 Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Providers for 2019. This announcement comes on the tail of a year of accelerated growth […]

The Ultimate RFP Checklist for Shippers

The 21 Essential Things to Include in Every Bid Your RFP is much more than a way to secure the cheapest shipping lanes… It’s an opportunity to find and select the right partners that will make your business and your life run a whole lot smoother. Do it right… and you’ll be able to reliably manage your freight […]

Perfect North-South Combination Creates New Top 3PL

The North American transportation and logistics industry has seen a tremendous amount of M&A activity over the last few years. This trend is set to continue or perhaps even accelerate in 2019 as 3PL’s leverage mergers and acquisitions to strengthen their market positions, increase service offerings, expand geographic coverage, and drive growth.