The Big Book of Shipper’s Links

The 115 websites, apps & online resources every shipper needs to bookmark

We’re all looking for that short-cut.

The smarter… faster… and easier way to do something.

I mean, it’s 2020 for goodness sakes…

Isn’t there an app for that?… or a website?… or an online tool?

Turns out in the freight business, there is.

And we found 115 of them. We’re thinking of them as 115 smart-cuts for shippers.

This blog and the attached book of links offers a treasure trove of free resources and tools to help you save time, reduce headaches, and make those routine tasks a whole lot easier.

It’s a categorized list of 115 websites that include industry trends, media outlets, load boards, cross border shipping resources, traffic, weather, trade show links… and more.

It’s a digital resource no shipper should be without.

So… swipe these links… and bookmark them all… 

We guarantee they will make you a more informed and more efficient shipper.

Click away!

The Biggest Links – Our Top 10 Picks

If we were to build a freight dashboard these links would be on it. Following these 10 links will give you the immediate heartbeat of the North American freight market.

Simply put… if you use the intel from these sites daily, you’ll be able to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your shipping operation.

1. Industry Trendline: DAT Trendline

DATs weekly trendline shows exactly what’s happening with rates and volume across modes and geography in North America.

2. Freight Volume Index: The Cass Freight Index

This is the definitive source if you want to understand North American freight volume. Cass updates its trend report monthly

3. Pricing Power Index: Supply Chain Pricing Power Index

Get market data from SONAR that measures the weekly negotiating power for rates between shippers and carriers.

4. Top Media:

The trifecta of freight media. Follow these three and you’ll know what’s breaking news.

FreightWaves – Freight, Transportation & Logistics News & Data Analytics

Transport Topics – The Leader in Trucking & Freight News

Inbound Logistics – Logistics and Supply Chain Articles, News, Tools, and Resources

5. Traffic:

Get real time updates and links to traffic and road information across North America.

US National Traffic & Road Closure Information – US DOT

Canada Road Condition Information – Ministry of Transportation

6. Weather:

The most accurate weather forecasting for anywhere in North America. Use these links to receive alerts for hazardous weather warnings.

The National Weather Service –

Weather Service Canada –

7. Canada shipping: Transport Canada

Transport Canada is the department inside the Canadian government responsible for developing regulations, policies and services for transportation. It’s a go-to resource for Canadian shipping rules and regulations.

8. Diesel Fuel: Weekly Diesel Fuel Prices

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) keeps track of weekly diesel fuel prices so you don’t have to. Use this tool to plan your budget and understand trends.

9. Top Cross-Border Link: Border Wait Times

Canada to U.S. | U.S. to Canada

These boards display current wait times for commercial vehicles crossing U.S. borders. Factoring in border wait times and other delays will help you get a more accurate freight quote.

10. Social Media: Rate Per Mile Masters  

This Facebook group is one of the largest online forums for carriers. It’s a candid look at what’s happening on the ground with drivers as they exchange tips and tricks of thriving and surviving on the road.

The Freight Tool Box Links

So, what’s in your toolbox?

Seasoned shippers know having the right tools is the difference between a flawless shipment and a freight fail. With boundless resources available online today, there are a variety of digital resources to choose from. Consider this list of links the pro shipper’s utility belt.

1. All Area Codes

Identify the U.S. or Canadian location of an area code with this link. You can view area codes by state and province, or type in an area code to perform a reverse lookup.

2. Cargo Insurance

Always double check your coverage for the amount and value of your freight. Shippers who ignore the importance of insurance often suffer when freight is lost or damaged.

3. Carrier411

This service takes the hassle out of carrier monitoring. It tracks changes in carrier safety ratings, BASIC scores, CARB compliance, insurance and other important qualifiers.

4. The Cass Freight Index

This is a definitive source if you want to understand North American freight volume and spend. It combines info from all U.S. deliveries to give you an accurate view of monthly freight. 

5. DAT Trendlines

Get industry trends at a glance for the past week, month and year across all truck types. Easily view load-to-truck, spot rates and fuel price changes.

6. Freight Class Density Calculator

Freight class is determined by four factors: density, stowability, handling and liability. With this calculator, you can quickly calculate what class your freight falls into.

7. Freight Glossary

This glossary includes clear definitions for some of the more tricky phrases and terms in transportation. Reference this link when setting up an unfamiliar shipment.

8. Gas Surcharge

U.S. or Canada

Use these links to see present and historical fuel surcharges. The numbers on this site are updated weekly, so you can estimate your spend and plan accurately.

9. Pricing Power Index 

Get market data from SONAR that measures the weekly negotiating power for rates between shippers and carriers.

10. Maps of Truck Routes

Complete U.S. or State By State

We all know there are road restrictions for certain load sizes and weights. These handy maps help you route around these roadblocks and avoid potential delays.

11. Mileage Calculator

Use this calculator to easily find the mileage and drive time between two or more locations. Plan potential shipping routes and gauge cost per mile.

12. N Calculators – Volumetric Weight Calculator

When calculating shipping prices, you need the actual weight and the volumetric – or dimensional – weight comparison. This online calculator is the fastest way to that number.

13. Online Bill of Lading

The Bill of Lading (BOL) is arguably the most vital document when moving freight. This free form from is your shortcut for creating a BOL fast.

14. Pallet Shipping 101

Avoid damaging goods on pallets with the help of this infographic. It’s an easy way to confirm you’ve packed, palletized, and shrink-wrapped your freight correctly.

15. World Airport Codes

This nifty tool is the place to find over 47,000 airport codes, abbreviations, runway lengths and other airport information for your shipments and tracking.

16. The World Clock

View current time in pickup and delivery locations with this world clock. It gives you an accurate time for any location and allows users to customize lists of time zones for easy reference.

17. World Port Source

World Port Source shows you satellite images, maps and contact information for 4,936 ports in 196 countries around the world. It’s a go-to reference for intermodal shipping.

18. World Wide Metric

For converting weight, we recommend this simple World Wide Metric calculator. You’ll see conversions for metric tons, kilograms, pounds, ounces and grams.

19. XE Currency Converter

If you need a fast way to convert currency amounts, look no further than the XE Currency Converter tool. Just plug in the original currency info and then choose the conversion type.

Traffic & Weather Links

Traffic and weather happens.

Here are the best online tools to plan around Mother Nature and rush hour gridlocks. Use these links to ensure your shipments arrive on time.

20. Google Maps

Google Maps is the king of point-to-point navigation, distance tracking and navigation. It’s easy to use and a great tool for getting a better grasp of potential slowdowns.

21. National Traffic and Road Closure Information

A closed road can throw everything off. That’s why we recommend bookmarking this little gem from the Federal Highway Administration (FHA). It will show you road closures by state and city.

22. Canada Road Condition Information 

This resource from the Ministry of Transportation has up-to-date information on road conditions throughout each province.

23. The National Weather Service

The National Weather Service provides the most accurate weather forecasting for anywhere in the United States. Use it to get alerts for hazardous weather warnings, too.

24. Sigalert

See a live traffic map of any area in the U.S. using this online tool. Check current speeds on specific roads and see live photos of traffic conditions.

25. Government of Canada Weather Service

The national weather service for Canada provides current conditions, public alerts, radar, satellite and jet stream information for all provinces.

26. The Weather Channel

For global shipments, this website is your best bet for understanding what precipitation you’ll face along a route. It’s highly reliable information with radar thrown in.

27. Weather Along Route

This helpful map from AccuWeather will show all available weather reports along a route of your choice so you can determine the potential for slowdown or unfavorable conditions.

U.S. Shipping Links

If you’re shipping in the United States these links provide the 411 on just about everything.

28. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

This government agency provides a current database about transportation regulations. The agency’s research, standards and rules are meant to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities involving large trucks.

29. National Transportation Safety Board

An agency of the U.S. federal government, the NTSB is responsible for researching and reporting about transportation accidents and assisting victims. Check this resource regularly to stay updated about transportation safety protocols and regulations.

30. U.S. Census Bureau – Schedule B Export Code

Exporting goods outside of the U.S.? Make yourself familiar with the Schedule B 10-digit international export code. The U.S. Census Bureau requires it and uses it to track the amount of trade goods exported from the United States.

31. USPS

The USPS website hosts a reliable U.S. postal code lookup tool. Enter an address to find a postal code, enter a city and state to see all postal codes for that area, or enter a zip code to see the area it covers.

32. The Federal Hazardous Materials Transportation Law

Hazardous materials (HAZMAT) are different than any other kind of freight. These dangerous goods need to be handled with care, and this law covers the exact details of how it should be done.

33. Weekly Diesel Fuel Prices

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) keeps track of weekly diesel fuel prices so you don’t have to. Use this tool to plan your budget and understand trends.

34. Whitepages

This resource is the most reliable for any directory assistance needs in the United States. You can find the contact information for people and businesses, and complete reverse lookups.

Canada Shipping Links

If you’re shipping in Canada these links provide the 411 on just about everything.

35. Transport Canada

As the department inside the Canadian government responsible for developing regulations, policies and services for transportation, Transport Canada is your go-to resource for Canadian shipping rules and regulations.

36. Transportation of Dangerous Goods Program

The Government of Canada has established this site to provide information and rules about transporting dangerous goods. This is comparable to HAZMAT regulations in the United States.

37. Canada 411

Comparable to the U.S. Whitepages, The 411 allows you to quickly find the contact information for a person or a business in Canada. You can also use it to do a reverse lookup.

38. Canada Post

Use this free tool to search for a postal code. You can also do a reverse lookup if needed.

Cross-Border Links

Cross-border shipping can be tricky. Your transport provider should walk you through the regulations and certifications, but you’re still responsible for a few things. If you ship cross-border, these links will be key.

39. Border Wait Times

Canada to U.S. | U.S. to Canada

These lifesavers display current wait times for commercial vehicles crossing U.S. borders. Factoring in border wait times and other delays will help you get a more accurate freight quote.

40. Canada Customs Invoice

You’re going to need to fill out this Canada customs invoice accurately and completely when bringing freight across the border from the United States. It’s a requirement.

41. Certificate of Origin

Canada | U.S.

According to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), cross-border shippers are required to use this form to certify freight qualifies for preferential tariff treatment. It’s a must-have for getting your freight into and out of Canada and the United States.

42. Commercial Invoice Instructions

At customs, the U.S. & Canadian governments require a commercial invoices to determine the value of goods being shipped. Not sure how to fill one out? Check out this sample with detailed instructions. 

43. Guidelines for Exporting to Mexico

Shipping goods into Mexico has become tricky thanks to recent tariff changes. This guide covers both common and uncommon aspects of moving goods south of the U.S. border.

44. Trade & Related Agreements Database

This government-maintained database lists every trade barrier and restriction the United States has with other countries. Complete with a help line, this is your #1 reference for trade regulation.

Load Board Links

Load boards are the backbone of the transportation industry. They’re an essential tool for posting freight and getting reliable carriers to haul it. And while there are hundreds of load boards on the market… not all are created equal. We’ve assembled the most well known boards below.

45. 123Loadboard

46. DAT

47. Direct Freight Services

48. Expedite Loads

49. FR8 Connect

50. Free Freight Search

51. Freightfinder

52. LoadLink

53. Trucker Path

54. Truckstop

55. Trulos

Trade Association Links

Find your community to learn, network and grow. Here are a few of the best trade association links for shippers.

56. NCBFAA (National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America)

The NCBFAA represents nearly 1,000 members including freight forwarders, customs brokers, and air cargo agents. Its website features a comprehensive library of documents and reports applicable to the transportation industry.

57. NITL (The National Industrial Transportation League)

The NITL has one of the strongest legislative presences of any transportation trade association. It offers its members legal counsel, shippers interest advocacy, and access to its network of members.

58. RLA (Reverse Logistics Association)

Having to deal with returned goods is tough and returning them to the manufacturer can be even tougher. The RLA is the expert source for sending freight back. It’s created forums, guides, articles, and events to help you better understand this tricky part of logistics.

59. CIFFA (Canadian International Freight Forwarding Association)

The CIFFA focuses on delivering excellence through education and provides online courses covering dangerous goods, freight forwarding, and other transportation topics. These courses make CIFFA an incredible educational resource for anyone in shipping or freight forwarding.

60. ATA (American Trucking Association) 

The ATA is dedicated to developing innovative policies that promote and advance the trucking industry. What’s happening in the trucking industry directly affects capacity and pricing. The ATA is a great association for shippers to stay up-to-date with the carrier world. 

61. CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals) 

CMCMP is dedicated to advance supply chain professionals through peer networking, leadership training and career development. From roundtables and online courses to events and an excellent research knowledge base… they cover all things supply chain. 

62. RILA (Retail Industry Leaders Association) 

RILA is the leading U.S. association for retail professionals. Being such a dynamic economy, RILA seeks to transform the way retailers operate. They do this by hosting world-class industry events, providing leadership courses and housing content covering retail compliance, innovation and litigation. 

63. FSA (Food Shippers of America) 

If you work in the transportation of food… this is your go-to association. The FSA represents some of the largest world-wide food shippers. It’s primary goal is to help its members build partnerships with suppliers, customers and carriers. 

64. ISM (Institute for Supply Management)

ISM is the largest not-for-profit organization for supply chain management professionals. It offers a great deal of professional development via training courses, certifications, online learning, and of course, exclusive membership options. 

65. IANA (Intermodal Association of North America)

Calling out anyone who ships intermodal freight… this is association has your name all over it. Membership has its perks. It promotes continued industry education, forums for peer discussions, and numerous annual networking event… all at a discounted rate.  

66. CPMA (Canadian Produce Marketing Association) 

The CPMA members are responsible for 90% of Canada’s fresh fruit and vegetable sales. Membership gives you a suite of benefits ranging from exclusive premium content to preferred pricing on all CPMA products, services and events. 

67. SmartWay | US EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency)

Keeping up with the EPA means keeping up with environmental regulations and enforcements… a must for shippers. While they don’t have a membership program, they are always activating mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses to make greener choices.

68. BiTA (Blockchain in Transport Alliance)

BiTA is dedicated to driving the adoption of emerging technology forward among the freight industry. They fulfill this mission by educating its members on industry standards, blockchain applications/ solutions and encouraging the early adoption of other advancements.

69. ASMC (Association for Supply Chain Management)

The world of supply chain management never stops advancing, so neither should supply chain professionals or their organizations. That’s why ASMC exists. It’s a great resource for continued education, certifications and industry events. 

Trade Show Links

The transportation industry hosts dozens of quality trade shows where shippers can interface with peers, collaborate on ideas, learn about new trends and technology, and improve their skills. Here are the top transportation trade shows we recommend attending.

70. NIT League Transportation Summit 

January 20, 2020 – January 22, 2020 | San Antonio, Texas  

The NIT League Transportation Summit is an event created by shippers for shippers. Attend to build professional relationships and develop industry solutions to everyday challenges. 

71. RLA Conference & Expo

February 4, 2020 – February 6, 2020 | Las Vegas, Nevada  

This premier event gathers reverse logistics experts to learn strategies for improving brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and asset recovery.

72. North America’s Multimodal Supply Chain Expo 

February 5, 2020 | Vancouver, Canada 

The Multimodal Supply Chain Expo where leaders of major freight modes connect to discuss the future of transportation. Topics include global trade, technology and more. 

73. Food Shippers of America Conference 

February 23, 2020 – February 25, 2020 | Orlando, Florida

An exclusive event for shippers and receivers who work in the food space, this is a go-to conference for those who solely want to focus on networking with peers. 

74. Link 2020

February 23, 2020 – February 26, 2020 | Dallas, Texas 

Link 2020 brings together retail supply chain executives looking to maximize every-day efficiencies and increase ROI. 

75. TPM20

March 1, 2020- March 4, 2020 | Long Beach, CA

TPM is a conference that brings together global container shipping and logistics professionals. The event is dedicated to discussing the latest market forecasts, analysis and expert opinions.

76. The 20/20 IWLA Convention + Expo 

March 15, 2020 – March 17, 2020 | San Diego, California 

The International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) Convention attracts thousands of warehouse logistics leaders every year. Sessions focus on helping attendees develop modern strategies they can practically measure and assess.

77. Retail Supply Chain USA 2020 (Formerly D3)

April 22, 2020 – April 23, 2020 | Brooklyn, New York

The Retail Supply Chain USA 2020 covers all things supply chain. Topics range from keeping up with the ever-changing consumer buying environment to powering your supply chain with real-time analytics.

78. WERC 2020

May 3, 2020 – May 6, 2020 | Providence, Rhode Island  

WERC is the conference exclusively for logistics and warehousing professionals. The three-day event is dedicated to helping shippers find practical warehousing solutions for everyday challenges.

79. American Supply Chain Summit

May 5, 2020 – May 6, 2020 | Dallas, Texas 

The American Supply Chain Summit is a leadership meeting for supply chain and procurement professionals who are looking to improve their operations. Event topics include workforce management, advanced analytics, process improvement and automation.

80. Garter Supply Chain Symposium | Xpo

May 11, 2020 – May 14, 2020 | Orlando, Florida 

Created for chief supply chain officers and their leadership teams, Garter Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo covers all industry disruption. From economic and geopolitical to environmental and social, this conference is leaving no stone unturned.  

81. CPMA Convention + Trade Show

May 12, 2020 – May 14, 2020 | Toronto, Canada 

Canada’s largest event, the CPMA Convention + Trade Show, is dedicated to the fruit and vegetable industry. Attracting over 4,000 attendees, the event covers all segments of the produce supply chain.  

82. Supply Chain USA 2020

June 16, 2020 – June 18, 2020 | Chicago, Illinois 

Supply Chain USA 2020 provides 3PL & supply chain executives the opportunity to connect and build partnerships. Topics include 3PL/shipping partnerships, tariffs and trade wars, last mile delivery, and supply chain visibility. 

83. Best of the Best S&OP Conference 

June 18, 2020 – June 19, 2020 | Chicago, Illinois 

A global gathering of the brightest supply chain minds in the industry, The Best of the Best S&OP Conference covers a range of topics. Subjects include forecasting and demand planning in your S&OP process, enhanced cross-department collaboration, and managing/ mitigating risk. 

84. JOC Comercio De Mexico | Mexico Trade 

July 27, 2020 – July 29, 2020 | Mexico City, Mexico

JOC’s Mexican Trade Conference provides shippers of all types of timely and actionable intelligence to better manage their Mexican importing and exporting operations.  

85. EDGE 2020 | CSCMP 

September 20, 2020 – September 23, 2020 | Orlando, Florida 

Edge 2020 hosts over 120 sessions expanding across every aspect of the supply chain. From content, technology, and innovation across blockchain, AI, 5G, transportation and logistics…  come ready to absorb as much knowledge as possible. 

86. Global Cold Chain Expo

September 28, 2020 – September 30, 2020 | Dallas, Texas 

The Global Cold Chain Expo is a three-day event that brings together thousands of decision-makers and innovators who are involved in the distribution of perishable products.

87. LogiChem

October 5, 2020 – October 6, 2020 | Houston, Texas

LogiChem is the only executive-level event specifically tailored for supply chain, logistics and transportation management professionals in the chemical manufacturing sector. 

88. JOC’s Inland Distribution 

October 19, 2020 – October 21, 2020 | Chicago, Illinois 

This conference serves shippers and transportation providers who move goods within North America and from North American ports to inland destinations. 

Industry Publication Links

Have your fingers on the pulse of the transportation industry with breaking news, industry trends and new developments. Here’s the links that keep you in the know.

89. FreightWaves

FreightWaves provides its readers with real-time analysis and commentary about the effects of weather, economic activity, technology and regulation changes in freight markets.

90. Inbound Logistics

Boasting a three-decade resume as a transportation industry information provider and claiming to have coined the term 3PL, Inbound Logistics is one of the leaders in supply chain and logistics management.

91. Transport Topics

Transport Topics offers authoritative lists about top vendors and service providers in the industry including for-hire carriers, private carriers, logistics companies and freight carriers.

92. Commercial Carrier Journal

CCJ Magazine writes about fleet management topics including technology, freight, logistics and equipment. It also provides an annual ranking of top U.S. trucking companies.

93. Global Trade Magazine

Covering a wide variety of business topics for international readers, this publication offers comprehensive coverage of news and logistics issues.

94. Canadian Shipper

This website specializes in information and updates for Canadian-based shippers and those who are focused on cross-border shipping into Canada.

95. Journal of Commerce

The Journal of Commerce is an authoritative source about processes, standards and news related to trucking, ports, logistics, rail and technology.

96. Logistics Journal

This journal is a peer-reviewed, open access publication. It takes an academic perspective on logistics and supply chain management with high-level research and analysis.

97. Logistics Management

As its name implies, this publication is focused on everything logistics: 3PL, freight, technology and warehouse management.

98. Overdrive

In Overdrive, you’ll read timely updates about new truck info, gear reviews, industry news, and business and regulation news. It also provides a Daily Fuel Report and Fuel Surcharge Index.

99. Supply Chain Brain

Supply Chain Brain prides itself on providing complete coverage of supply chain management industry emerging trends, strategies, best practices and innovation.

100. Supply Chain Dive

This website gives readers a birds-eye-view of the supply chain industry. It analyzes top industry stories to write analytical feature articles. It also offers info about events and jobs.

101. Supply Chain Management Review

Modeled after the Harvard Business Review, SCMR publishes articles that cover sourcing and procurement, technology, transportation, logistics, supply chain and case studies.

102. TIA Logistics Weekly

The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) lobbies and advocates for the trucking industry in government. In addition, members receive educational resources including webinars, courses, and meetings to update them about changes in legislation.

103. Today’s Trucking

This publication caters to the trucking industry in Canada. It specializes in reviews of trucking products and commentary on industry trends, as well as hot news topics.

104. The Trucker

This trucking news website includes updates about the transportation industry, a library of news-style videos, and a job board.

105. Truckers News

This is another resource for your arsenal of trucking news and commentary. Differentiators include sections for female truckers, health tips and entertaining non-industry news stories.

Online Networking Links

When you need real-talk about what other shippers are experiencing or what drivers have to say about current industry trends, networking groups are the best place to go. We’ve found the ones below have just the right blend of information, real-world stories and banter.

106. A Truckload, Trucking, Logistics, Supply Chain, 3PL Distribution Group

Join this group to be a part of ongoing conversations and Q&A sessions about trucking, 3PL, distribution and other supply chain topics.

107. CSCMP – Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

The mission of the CSCMP is to connect, develop, and educate the world’s logistics and supply chain management professionals.

108. Freight & Logistics Professionals

This is one of the definitive networking groups you can join to share ideas and have conversations with others in the logistics and freight industry.

109. The Logistics & Supply Chain Networking Group

For supply chain and logistics topics, this networking group will keep you in the know. It’s a reliable resource for understanding what executives in the industry are concerned about.

110. Logistics and Supply Chain Professionals

The publishers of Supply Chain Dive established this networking group. These group discussions center around shipping, logistics, technology and regulations.

111. Logistics Consulting

This networking group’s goal is to share and listen to other industry professionals in order to build a more efficient logistics supply chain and to reduce the total logistics costs for everyone.

112. Logistics Network

Join this networking group to understand the trends, changes, and concerns of others working in logistics and how they’re handling them.

113. Rate per Mile Masters

This Facebook group is one of the largest forums for carriers. You can see real conversations between actual drivers to find out about the market in different areas of the country.

114. The Logistics of Logistics

This networking group is a place where logistics, transportation and supply chain professionals can learn from each other in order to drive more efficiency for their businesses.

115. Supply Chain Management Group (SCMG)

This networking group invites you to join If you’re involved in supply chain operations and the software and ERPs that go along with it.

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