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The BIG BOOK of Shipper Links

Let’s face it the shipping business is tough. It’s fast-paced, volatile, and changes in a second. We could all use a tip, trick, or new set of tools to help us.

There is an app for, well… everything. And we found 115 of them. It’s a treasure trove of shipping resources to streamline your freight and shipping experience.

  • The Freight Toolbox – 19 essential tools for your utility belt

  • 8 Traffic & Weather Links

  • 4 Canadian Shipping & Freight Transportation Links

  • 7 U.S. Shipping & Freight Transportation Links

  • 8 Cross-border links to move your freight across North America

  • 11 of the best Load Board Links

  • 14 Trade Association Links

  • 19 Trade Show Links to stay on-top of trends

  • 17 Supply Chain Industry Publication, News & Media Links

  • 10 Online Networking Links to connect you to the best in the industry


Save time, get organized, and get your products to your customers.

This freight transportation resource is something every shipping manager needs.

Regardless of your industry, this tool is for you. Want more valuable resources?

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Supply Chain and Logistics resources all in one place.

Connect to the best industry trends, breaking news, cross-border shipping resources, traffic, weather, trade show links, and more.

At FLS, we know a thing or two about moving freight.

If you’re feeling time-constrained or unorganized… this digital resource will point you to the right information quickly.

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