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A manual for benchmarking carriers & measuring success

What’s inside…

The Complete KPI Worksheet for Shippers

  • The 16 most important Service Performance KPIs are clearly explained

  • The 5 crucial Rate Management KPIs you need to track

  • The 6 key Financial Indicators you should always measure


Measure What Matters


As a shipper you know every mile, every load, and every dollar counts…

As a shipper you know every mile, every load, and every dollar counts.

This is where Key Performance Indicators matter. KPIs help you determine whether your carriers and transportation partners are delivering the most value for your business.

At FLS, we know a thing or two about metrics & measuring success…

We understand that sometimes being a good partner means show me… don’t tell me.

So we put together this simple but profound manual to help you monitor performance, control costs and ensure your partners are delivering on their promises.

It’s the gold standard for carrier scorecards.

You can set standards, benchmark performance, and ensure you’re always getting what you paid for.

Your carriers & partners should constantly be improving your supply chain’s efficiency.

We hope you’ll grab The Complete KPI Worksheet and use it to maximize profitability and run a better company.

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