Stop Excess Accessorial Costs

Your guide to avoiding unnecessary freight costs & strengthening carrier relationships

The Master List of Accessorials for Shippers (2)

What’s inside…

The Master List of Accessorials for Shippers

This is your guide to avoiding unnecessary freight costs & strengthening carrier relationships.

Detention… Lumpers… TONU…It’s the stuff we don’t really like talking about, but it is important that we do. Accessorial fees can easily destroy your budget leaving you with significantly higher shipping costs, invoicing issues, lower profits… and tarnished carrier relationships.

Truth is, logistics isn’t always easy or smooth. So, to help you cover all your bases, our experts at FLS Transportation put together this Master List of Accessorial Charges.

  • 28 fees & charges to discuss with carriers before tendering a load

  • Definitions & explanations for each fee

  • Standard industry rates for each charge


As a shipper you know every mile, every load, and every dollar counts…

This A-Z guide is designed to help you build a rock-solid accessorial policy.

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At FLS, we know a thing or two about controlling costs and budgets…

Wild rate and capacity fluctuations, HOS rules, gas prices, and trade wars can deliver a new level of unpredictability to the shipping & logistics market.

And the result…total spending for freight costs can skyrocket, which is why this guide is so valuable.

Do you have an accessorial policy in place?

The Master List of Accessorials will help you build your accessorial policy so you can keep your costs in check and address any extra charges up front with your carriers.

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