Cross-Border Trade Rules Simplified

The Shipper’s Guide to NAFTA 2.0

What’s inside…

The Shippers Guide to USMCA…
or Nafta 2.0

  • A brief history of North American trade

  • The 8 key items impacting cross-border trade

  • Industry tear-out sheets and the cross-border impact for each industry

  • Documentation and paperwork changes for cross-border freight

  • Important links and resources

  • FAQs

  • The USMCA-CUSMA-TMEC dictionary

  • 3 steps for seamless compliance


As a shipper you know every mile, every load, and every dollar counts…

If you’re shipping cross-border goods this is information you need to have.

This guide has everything you need to know to get your goods moving across North America.

At FLS, we know a thing or two about moving freight across the border.

This guide is designed as a resource specifically for cross-border shippers, so you can navigate the USMCA-CUSMA-TMEC agreement with ease.

Everything cross-border shippers need to know about the USMCA-CUSMA-TMEC agreement

Cross-border trade is BIG business.

More than $1 trillion dollars is exchanged between the United States, Canada and Mexico every year.

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