The Weekly Freight Report for April 16, 2020

The Top 5 Stories in Freight

Dwell times spike… U.S. and Mexico reduce cross-border wait times… and another HOS relief extension. All the top headlines shippers need to know are in the Weekly Freight Report. Check it out:

1. Facilities Struggle to Keep Up With Demand

Traffic is light and HOS regulations are more flexible… So why are dwell times up? Data indicates facilities are struggling to keep up with volume spikes in COVID-19 related demand. And it’s caused a 24% increase in late loads. This issue isn’t limited to the U.S either… it’s happening world-wide. And these delays have repercussions up and down the entire supply chain. Get the full story here.


2. The North American Supply Chain Thrives in Face of Pandemic

Supply chains have been under peak stress the last month. But even amidst the chaos, the North American supply chain has responded beautifully. The data gurus over at FourKites put together a nice summary of the impact and how shippers, carriers and brokers have responded to sky-rocketing demand. The numbers don’t lie… check them out here.


3. U.S. & Mexico Agencies Work to Streamline Wait Times

85% of goods transported between the U.S. and Mexico are moved by truck. And between severe weather and the immigration crisis, border wait times are just too long. But each there are 29 commercial land crossings between the nations… and each requires a unique strategy. Here’s how border agencies are working to streamline U.S. – Mexico cross-border trade.


4. FMCSA Extends Emergency Relief to May 15th

As demand remains high, federal regulators have extended HOS regulations for drivers carrying relief supplies until May 15th. State governments are also making exceptions by easing weight limits on truck loads with critical supplies. Check out the list of qualifying cargo here.


5. Global Food Markets Won’t Be Normal for Months

The global food system has been completely disrupted. Labor shortages, increased demand from panic purchasing, and country trade restrictions are among the issues. And while the supply is there… these bottlenecks are expected to keep global food supply chains off track for months. Get the full story here.


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