The Weekly Freight Report for June 18, 2020

The Top 7 Stories in Freight

Volume booms… capacity is pinched… speed week hits NY… carriers struggle… groceries are stocked out… and drivers are exempt from drug testing (for now)… Get caught up on the top stories with The Weekly Freight Report:

1. NY to Target Speeders This Week

Hauling freight through NY this week? Advise your drivers to lighten up on the gas pedal. It’s New York’s annual Speedweek and state troopers aren’t messing around. Keep your head up and get your freight delivered safely and on-time… Get the full story here.


2. Never Lose Sight of Loads Again

It’s exactly what you’re looking for: flexibility… transparency… and control. With our digital freight platform everything’s online and at your fingertips. Yes, we have your freight tech covered. Check it out!


3. Suppliers Struggle to Catch-Up

It’s a double-edged sword for grocery store suppliers… Sure, sales are up 12% year over year. But keeping up with demand is a beast in itself. While stock continues to plummet, demand is only going up. And experts say grocery store suppliers won’t likely catch up to regular 2019 stock levels until fall. Get the full story.


4. FMCSA Eases Testing for Drivers Returning to Work

The FMCSA has approved a temporary drug testing exception for previously employed drivers. The ultimate goal? To get drivers back on the roads. The temporary waiver is in place until September 30th, 2020. But stipulations apply… Read up on them here to make sure your drivers qualify.


5. Volume Increases Create a Win-Win for Freight

It’s good news for the industry and economy… Freight volume is nearing all time highs… the flip side to the increase is that capacity has started to tighten across North America indicating rates are likely to continue increasing. Get the full report here.


6. Trucking Rates Prove to be Top Carrier Concern

In a survey by CCJ, carriers continue to lament the difficult freight market.  The overall sentiment is up. But they are still fighting volumes that were down as much as 50% last month… and rates continue to be their top concern.  Most are expecting a tough market through 2020. Get the full story.


7. Running RFPs in Unprecedented Times

To play the spot market… or not to play the spot market. That’s the question. Sure, it’s a solid move right now… capacity is high and price is low. But is saving a couple bucks worth damaging relationships with core carriers? That’s up for you to decided. Check out these three tips for managing your RFP process in unprecedented times.

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