The Weekly Freight Report for May 14, 2020

The Top 8 Stories in Freight

Signs of life… job cuts… Canadian ELDs… new safety protocols… and more. Catch up on the top stories with The Weekly Freight Report

1. Outbound Tender Rejections Climb Slowly

Outbound tender rejection rates are up for the first time since its March peak. The good news? There are signs of life in the market and there’s still plenty of capacity. The bad news? With volumes this low, pricing power isn’t constructive for anyone. And until volumes pick back up… it’s going to stay that way. Get the full story here.


2. Transportation Job Losses Rise in Canada

Talk about a gut punch… Canada’s transportation and warehousing sector shed 102,800 jobs in April. And it led the Canadian Trucking Alliance to speak out. With 50% of carriers not qualifying for the proposed emergency wage subsidy program, The CTA is pushing the Canadian government to make changes. Get the full story here.


3. U.S. Trucking Sector Also Sees Major Job Losses

The U.S. trucking sector lost over 88K jobs in April. And while job declines were expected… cuts were larger than anticipated. But will this impact capacity? Experts say, probably not. Drivers likely didn’t make up a large part of the layoffs. Most of the positions were mostly back-office and drivers in non-essential sectors. Get the full story here.


4. Canadian Carriers Warned to Avoid Shoddy ELDs

As Canada prepares to roll out ELD mandates next summer, carriers are being advised to avoid shoddy ELD providers… a mistake U.S. carriers are still paying for.  An ex-FMCSA chief suggests carriers not just accept an ELD provider because it’s certified by a third party. And if they do, it could cause major issues down the line. Get the details here.


5. Guidance for Truck Drivers on the Frontlines

Being on the frontlines, truck drivers must go beyond general advice to remain healthy. From the types of masks they use to the cleanliness of their trucks… every measure helps ensure safety. Keep on hauling by implementing these personal protective equipment tips.


6. The CDC Issues New Guidelines for U.S. Truckers

Following Transport Canada’s lead, the U.S.’ Center of Disease Control has issued safety guidelines for long haul truckers. And these guidelines encourage everyone to do their part. Drivers are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and actively clean their equipment while carriers are encouraged to supply employees with PPE and draft emergency sick leave policies. Get the full details.


7. California Trucking Continues the Fight Against AB5

Since January, the fight against AB5 has been a messy one… But the California Trucking Association has shown no signs of backing down. Their lawsuit against AB5 made its way to the 9th Circuit in March and could be heard by the appeals court as early as July. And while there are no guarantees… things are looking good for the trucking industry… get the full details here.


8. Canadian Freight Gains Positive Momentum

Canadian truckload freight is looking up! Thanks to reopenings, federal aid and increased cross-border shipments, both volumes and outbound tender rejections are at a steady incline… but… there’s still a long road to recovery. Get the details here.


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