The Weekly Freight Report for May 7, 2020

The Top 6 Stories in Freight

1. State Reopening’s & Produce Lift Sagging Volumes

With states such as Texas, Ohio, Georgia and Tennessee easing lockdown orders and produce season kicking off… DAT data shows volume is increasing… data also shows that capacity is plentiful… and spot rates remain low. Get the full details here.


2. Upcoming Events Will Increase Freight Volume

It’s likely volumes have bottomed out. Volumes have risen 4% week over week. And with nearly half of U.S. states slowly reopening… news of major auto manufacturers setting soft reopening’s for mid-May… and produce season kicking off, it isn’t expected to dip any time soon. It will be a while before volume rises to pre-crisis levels, but freight is starting its path to recovery. Get the details here.


3. Vendor – Retailer Relationships Are Crucial as Stores Reopen

Retail has been shuttered for 45 days. And its pain is being felt up and down the supply chain. From cancelled orders to delayed payments, vendors are especially getting hit. Tough decisions are having to be made and the future is uncertain. But one thing’s for sure… Retail – Supplier relationships will be crucial as stores reopen. Get the details here.


4. Vehicle Restraints Celebrated at Loading Facilities

Individuals involved in a forklift accident are 250% more likely to die than be injured. For warehouse managers and distributors… this is a terrifying statistic. But thanks to dock levelers and vehicle restraints, employees can now have safer work environments. And the cost is much more affordable than that of an injured employee, building/product damage or OSHA penalties. Check out all the benefits here.


5. New Data Exposes Downsides of HOS and ELDs

ELDS and HOS regulations might be doing more harm than good. Driver deaths are up and speeding violations have increased. The question now is, why? Some carriers suggest it’s because they are always trying to “beat the clock.” If they are tired, there is no time to stop and get coffee. And if they want a safe place to sleep, they need to drive quickly to get there. It may be time to rethink these regulations… Read the full article here.


6. Shippers Plan for Mexico – U.S. Capacity

Mexico is rapidly becoming a big player in global manufacturing. Driven in part by the trade wars between the U.S. and China, manufacturers are rethinking the future of their operations. For many, the answer lies in moving production to Mexico. And with this change comes new opportunities for importers and exporters to remain competitive. It also means a lot more cross-border freight… get the full list here.


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